A Guide to Using Myanmar Unicode

Input Methods

“Input Method” refers to the software which converts what you type into what is stored in a document or file. For Myanmar Unicode, the Input Method is quite complicated because the sequence of Unicode Code points stored is not the same as the typing order.

For example, if the user types ​ေ (U+1031) and then က (U+1000) to give ကေ then it is stored as U+1000 U+1031, although it is displayed and typed in the opposite order.

It is the job of the Input Method to hide all this complication from the user and automate this substitution and rearrangement process.

The one of the best Input Methods which allows the user to type without having to know the non-intuitive Unicode order is Keyman (Windows) and the related KMFL (Linux). Other Input Methods are also being developed with NHM Writer on Windows and by Xenotype on the Mac.