Ekaya Input Method


Ekaya uses Windows Advanced Text Services Framework to provide a Smart Input method (keyboard) suitable for typing languages using Complex Scripts such as Myanmar (Burmese). This means that it can do context sensitive reordering and substitution of characters as you type.

The keyboard rules are written in the same kmn format that the commercial Tavultesoft Keyman uses for its keyboards. The main advantage of Ekaya is that it is free and Open Source (GPL). It uses the Open Source KMFL library to parse the .kmn files.


For details on how to use and configure Ekaya, please see the included documentation.

Keyboard Layouts

The Ekaya installer includes layouts for Burmese and Sgaw Karen.


Ekaya can be installed by running the installer available below. The installer includes the myWin Burmese keyboard for Unicode 5.1 and several other Myanmar keyboards. Other keyboards can be used by dropping the kmn file into C:\Program Files\ThanLwinSoft.org\Ekaya\kmfl.

32 bit Windows users should use the x86 installer. 64 bit Windows users will probably want to install both the x86 and x86_64 installers, since many applications are only available 32 bit. Use Ekaya 64 bit with 64 bit applications and Ekaya 32 bit with 32 bit applications.

Source code

Download the source code from Ekaya Mercurial Repository. It has been built using Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2008.

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