Myanmar Unicode Downloads

Ubuntu users can try using the prebuilt packages. You can add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list file. You made need to change karmic to match your Ubuntu release.

# KMFL and Pangographite from SIL
deb karmic main
deb-src karmic main
# Keyboard and locale from ThanLwinSoft
deb karmic main
deb-src karmic main

Most of the packages are signed. You can add the ThanLwinSoft key to apt's list by installing the thanlwinsoft-keyring package. Several packages depend on those in the SIL repository. For details on how to install the SIL keys see

Open Synaptic, click Reload and browse the packages by clicking in the Origin pane.

You can verify the integrity of files downloaded manually using the command line md5sum program and comparing the result to the ones given here.
e.g. if you downloaded to the current directory:


will give


Myanmar Unicode Fonts

ThanLwin Font

ThanLwin is a Myanmar Unicode font covering the Burmese code points.

This font is currently only an alpha release. Please report any problems that you find.

Please download the zip file and extract the fonts into your computer's font directory. The src file is only for developers.

Padauk Font

The official web page for Padauk is The font was produced by Martin and Debbi Hosken under the SIL Open Font License. Padauk versions after 2.2 contain both OpenType and Graphite tables and have been updated to include the changes in Unicode 5.1 and 5.2.

Myanmar Unicode Keyboards

The myWin Keyman keyboard supports typing Burmese conformant to Unicode 5.1. More details and the layout are available.

Ekaya is a free, Open Source port of KMFL to Windows. It includes the myWin Burmese keyboard.

The myWin exe files contain an embedded Keyman installer (you have a choice of buying the licensed version from Tavultesoft or using the Free Home Edition if you are eligible).

The kmx file is the compiled Keyman keyboard which you can use if you already have Keyman installed.

The kmn file is the Keyman source file, which can also be used on Linux with SCIM/KMFL.

MyWinE has some support for Myanmar and Sgaw Karen in Unicode 5.1.

Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Translations into Myanmar

Click on the XPI link in Firefox or download and browse to the file from the Install button in the Extensions dialog in Thunderbird. After installing the extension restart the application and open the Extension dialog (on Tools menu). Click on the Extension and click Options to switch between English / Myanmar. The Firefox 1.0.1 language pack requires Padauk Uni4, the others require Padauk or PadaukOT 2.1.

If you have corrections please use the feedback form.

Graphite OpenOffice

Myanmar and Graphite enabled OpenOffice is now available from the Myanmar localisation site.

my-MMDict.oxt is an Burmese dictionary extension which can check for some spelling errors. However, it also needs OpenOffice to be patched with a Myanmar word breaker.

You only need the .diff patch files if you want to compile OpenOffice for yourself. The diff files are subject to the GNU Lesser General Public License unless otherwise stated.

TECkit Converters & DocCharConvert

You can either download the converters on their own or as part of DocCharConvert. DocCharConvert requires Java JRE 5 to be installed. Version 1.x are actually Eclipse plugins using SWT. The prerequisite eclipse plugins are included in the installer for windows. If you already have Eclipse installed, you can copy org.thanlwinsoft.doccharconvert_1.0.x.jar into the plugins subdirectory and restart Eclipse. The plugin has been tested on both Windows and Linux. It requires the TECkit JNI library to be available. The DocCharConvert plugin is covered by the LGPL 2.1.

Linux Collation

Linux Collation Algorithm for use with ICU and Glibc. Glibc 2.11 now includes the Myanmar locale. The versions here are older and do not include the latest changes.

Debian packages for Ubuntu karmic. You can download these directly, or you can add
deb karmic main
to your /etc/apt/sources.list file.

Examples for developing a Myanmar Unicode Website

You need to be familiar with Javascript and CSS to use these examples.

Graphite JNI

A Graphite JNI for Java. The source code for this is available from SVN on The zip contains native libraries for win32, linux amd64 and i386.