Converting from old Myanmar fonts to Unicode


TECkit is a library created by for converting from legacy byte encodings into Unicode. It supports context based reordering, which is essential for converting Burmese.

There are several ways of using TECkit. You can either use TECkit's own language or you can use UTR22 XML format and a perl script also developed by SIL. The Myanmar Unicode converters here use the UTR22/XML approach.

Converters for the encodings used by Geocomp Academy and WinMyanmar Systems have been implemented. You can download these here.

Once you have a converter file, you then need something to do the conversion. Several tools are available for Windows to use tec files.

The current author has also developed a Java front end to TECkit called DocCharConvert, which works on Linux and Windows. It can read OpenOffice files in OpenDocument format, convert the text and adjust the font styles automatically.

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