Sgaw Karen Keyboard Layout for Unicode 5.1

This keyboard provides a smart keyboard layout for typing Sgaw Karen for use with fonts conforming to the Unicode standard version 5.1.0. For example, you can use the font Padauk.ttf.

This Keyboard requires either Tavultesoft Keyman (Windows), Ekaya (Windows) or SCIM with KMFL support (Linux). You can then click on the keyboard icon on the task bar and select the Sgaw Karen Keyboard icon. To type again in English, click on the Keyman icon again and select “English” or “No Keyman Keyboard”.

Keyboard Layout


` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 -- = Bksp
Tab q w e r t y ကu i o p [ ] \\
Caps ​ၠa s d f g h j k l ; ' Enter
Shift z x c v b n m ,, .. / Shift
Ctrl Win Alt AltGr Menu Ctrl


~~ 1 2 3 ကျပ်4 %5 ^6 7 8 (9 )0 __ + Bksp
Tab Q W ​ေE R T Y U ၢ်I ၣ်O ာ်P {{ }} ||
Caps ​ဗA S D  င်္ F G H J K L : " Enter
Shift Z X C ှ့V B ဉ N M < >> ? Shift
Ctrl Win Alt AltGr Menu Ctrl


Old Sgaw Karen fonts used to require several different variations of some characters and other symbols. Most of these are no longer necessary because the font itself chooses the correct shape variant. This means there is no longer any need to use control or alt sequences.

Shapping of ျ ြ ွ ှ ၠ

You always type the same key for each medial, it does not matter whether the consonant is wide or small or what goes above and below. Composite medials are typed as a sequence of the individual medials.

Note: the medial is always typed after the consonant, this is a change from before, when Yayit was typed before the consonant.

Visible Sgaw Karen Typed sequence
က u
ကြ uj
ကြိ ujd
ကြိၣ် ujdO
​န e
နူ el
နူာ် elP

Stacked characters ပါဌ်ဆင့်

Stacked characters are typed by typing the normal forms followed by the ` key - which is normally in the top left of your keyboard. eg:

Visible Sgaw Karen Typed sequence
က u
ကက uu
က္က uu`

Kinzi ကင်းစီး ( င်္)

Kinzi is just typed in the normal way.

Visible Sgaw Karen Typed sequence
သခ oc
သင်္ခ ocF